Franco-Irish Literary Festival


24-26 March 2023



Bienvenue / Fáilte

Poetry must not perish. For then, where would be the Hope of the World?
Léopold Sédar Senghor Éthiopiques (1956).

 As a symbol of the strong bonds between France and Ireland, the Dublin Franco-Irish Literary Festival once again offers us an opportunity to discover the incredible richness of our literatures. The 2023 event will highlight Franco-Irish literary diversity, with a particular focus on new writings. This year we have chosen the theme of Hope.

 In these difficult times, marked by economic, social, environmental, medical and geopolitical crises, it is hope that gives us the motivation and courage to keep going and to overcome the difficulties all around us. What does the concept of hope entail? What is its function in our lives? Are there still grounds for hope? Is hope a driver of action or does it lead to resignation? We will see how literature tackles these questions via thirteen literary voices from the Francophone world and from Ireland, the latter in both the English and Irish languages.

Jointly organised by Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy in Ireland, the Festival owes its strong reputation and continued success to its loyal partners and sponsors who offer us their trust and support. Our sincere thanks go to the Arts Council, Foras na Gaeilge, Dublin Castle, Literature Ireland, the Irish Writers Centre, Dublin City University, Maynooth University, Trinity College, University College Dublin, Association Internationale des ÉtudesQuébécoises, Quebec Government Office in London, the Tourism Office of the Cotentin and the town of Cherbourg in Normandy and all our media partners and stakeholders in this wonderful adventure.

 Every year, it is the Francophone and Irish writers and representatives from academia, culture and journalism taking part in these encounters who drive the success of this major intercultural event.

 We invite you to come along on the 24, 25 and 26 of March to celebrate contemporary literature with us and to enjoy the discussions at the numerous events which will take place in the Alliance Française Dublin and at Dublin Castle. The programme includes our Incipit launch evening in the presence of all our guests, round tables, workshops, book signings, short films, poetry and music!

 Enjoy the Festival! Bainigí sult as an bhféile!


Mariam Diallo, Cultural Counsellor, French Embassy in Ireland
Fabienne Clérot, Director, Alliance Française Dublin


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11 guest writers

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French Embassy in Ireland
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