“Fashion passes, style remains”
"La mode se démode, le style jamais"

Coco Chanel


The motto became a part of the cult of Coco Chanel; it echoes Oscar Wilde’s famous statement “Fashion is ephemeral”. If fashion is associated with the idea of trends, considered as a changing, temporary, even perishable phenomenon, many literary works testify to the importance of the latter in our Western societies and cultures.

What is fashion, if not a second skin that one presents to others, subtly revealing social status, embodying luxury? Would clothes be important symbols recharged with meaning by writers if they weren’t so intertwined, thread with pen?

This year, the Franco-Irish Literary Festival will address these themes through a varied programme, including several round tables carefully moderated by highly qualified experts in their fields.

The testimony of an era, a society and cultural traditions, fashion is also an object of study of predilection for many historians, contemporary researchers and professors. The sequence “Weaving Words” will deal with stories and the history of clothing in society.

Opening the debate on the practices, ethics and politics that shape the world of haute couture, important figures in the fashion industry will take a critical look at current polemics. The round table “Forging Fashion” will focus specifically on the relationship between writers, fashion designers and the fashion world, shows and luxury, in terms of power and possible dangers.

Whether it is embodied in travel accessories or in the mythical Parisian wardrobe, fashion in  literature is an initiatory journey leading its readers to the discovery of countries, cultures and unknown stories. With “Narratives of Fashion” we will look at the relationship between literature, style and appearance.

What will we wear tomorrow? The closing session “Tomorrow’s Wardrobe” will turn to the clothing of the future, smart clothing, eco-clothing, casual clothing. This closing literary Brunch will allow you to discover the completely renovated spaces of the Alliance Française Médiathèque, unique in Dublin’s cultural network due to its size and its modular and innovative design.

This 2017 edition is officially registered in the Grand Tour 2017, a cultural itinerary organised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development which aims to reveal and enhance the French cultural actions taking place around the world.

Jointly organised by the Alliance Française de Dublin and the cultural department of the French Embassy, the festival owes its success and its longevity to valuable partners and sponsors and whose generosity we cannot understate. We sincerely thank Poetry Ireland, the Irish Writers Center, Literature Ireland, the Arts Council, Foras na Gaeilge, the Embassy of Switzerland in Ireland, Brown Thomas, French and Irish companies, with special mention to French laboratories Servier Monde and the CRH company. We are also very grateful to the medias, who are present every year and ensure that it is spoken about to the people all over the country.

We eagerly wait for you to join us on March 31st, April 1st and 2nd to share what has become an essential event on Dublin’s cultural calendar. 15 writers of different languages and cultures will invite you to share their passion for fashion and clothing. There will be something for everyone!


Frédéric Rauser
Cultural Counsellor
French Embassy in Ireland

Philippe Milloux
Director / Délégué Général
Alliance Française Dublin


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